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Lions and Tigers and ..........Unicorns?

June  1, 2017

I know you’ve seen them. They are everywhere in the dessert word from cakes to cookies to macaroons to cake pops to cupcakes! Flirty lashes, colorful hair and of course we can’t forget the gold dusted horns. Every treat maker on Instagram has at least one photo in their gallery of them trying their hand at some sort of Unicorn-faced dessert. I mean they are adorable, but can this craze be over already? Even Starbucks got in on this craze in April with their Unicorn Frappuccino. The whole world was in a frenzy trying to get their hands on this super sugary mix. I’m more of a wait and see if anyone else dies from it first type of person so I waited on the reviews to start flowing in. It seems that the reviews were very mixed. At the start of the release date it seemed that people were in love with the drink and couldn’t get enough… but then (dun dun dunnn) it seems that one person voiced their dislike for the drink and everyone else followed suit! It was the craziest thing like they were all in a trance and hated the drink but was only waiting on one bold soul to speak out about it. It seemed after that first time someone talked about how much they hated the frap, Unicorn Frappuccino haters came out the wood works with their ‘Amens’ and ‘preach brothers’! Photos of people tossing their almost untouched drinks in the trash and review videos popped up everywhere. That was all the warning I needed to stay away so I can’t provide my thoughts on the drink- it wouldn’t be fair. What I do know is this trend has been trending for about a year now and its time we move on to other things. What will it be next?

Photo Cred: Unknown. Please send us an email if you know whom this beautiful cake belongs to!

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June 29, 2017

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